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«Evropa-Avto» is a truck sales center in the North-West of Russia.

Network of «Evropa-Avto» markets provides a wide range of services such as buying and selling Russian and foreign cars, pre-selling truck preparing, maintenance services, etc.

A plot of land (more than 15 hectares) was allocated for construction of a large auto sale center «Evropa-Avto». At the moment the first section of the market «Evropa-Avto» (3 hectares) is open and successfully functions. Construction of the second and the third sections is underway.

Network of «Evropa-Avto» markets in Saint-Petersburg has convenient geographical location. It is situated in the south part of Saint-Petersburg, 6 km from the main ring way (Shushary district) and 75 km from the highway Saint-Petersburg-Moscow. It takes 15 min to get to Saint-Petersburg business part. The market has convenient access roads: one can enter it from the asphalted road not far from the federal highway Saint-Petersburg-Moscow. There is also a guest parking lot.

Infrastructure of truck transportation and repair organizations, as well as truck maintenance and sale has already formed at the Moscovskiy highway. Most of these enterprises together with rapidly growing transport infrastructure (highways Saint-Petersburg-Kiev, Saint-Petersburg-Moscow, Saint-Petersburg main ring way, Sophiiskaya street, Yuznaya street, Western High-Speed Diameter) will be concentrated to the south of Saint-Petersburg outside the city because of active housing construction in the city.

It is also planned to open several logistics centers at the intersection between Kolpino road and village Shushary. It will bring about significant increase in cargo transportation, which, in its turn, will lead to the increased demand in trucks maintenance services.

In this area the center of truck maintenance «Scania» — service center «Petroskan» is located and works since 2007.

According to the General City Development plan (approximately in 2008) Sophiiskaya Street will be prolonged to Moskovskiy highway and Yuznaya Street will be constructed parallel to the road leading to Petroslavyanka (Metallostroy). Because of that the market will be even more accessible.

Market «Evropa-Avto» plans to cover up to 50% of truck sales market and up to 25% of car sales («second-hand»), 8 mln people a year from Saint-Petersburg and all over Leningrad region are expected to visit our market after the construction is finished.

Our company deals with trucks but first of all we work with people. The basis of our company philosophy is open and friendly attitude to each client.

Welcome to the auto market «Evropa-Avto».